A collection inspired by sapphire tones, cotton fields, big waves and other wonders of nature. 

We wanted to create designs that can be used in your everyday life - mixed with some spice and glitter to bring some party feels into your life. 

The vintage flower print, we have created from an antique piece of handpainted artwork. Together with the more abstract prints, we wanted to create prints that can be used both in summer and winter. We wanted to create some more casual print designs like the striped batik print to bring the silk easily into a everyday wardrobe. 

We have created timeless basic styles, that will never go out of style - or your wardrobe. Think of merino wool thin knit basics in classic colors and high quality suiting. 

We hope you see and love our vision this season. 





A collection inspired by emerald tones, moroccan midnight and underwater blues.

We wanted to create designs that can make you feel and look your best - being the center of your own party.

We have developed our own party fabrics - focus on merging comfort and bling. Sophisticated looks designed to last - whether you are looking for the perfect New Years Eve dress or a statement piece for both everyday and party use.

Rock a draped party top with streetwear inspired pinstripe suiting. Style the classic black suiting with rhinestone deco- rated skintight mesh - or just pick your favorite glitter dress.

We hope you see and love our vision this season.





A collection inspired by lavender fields, jewel tones, 18th hundred decadence and vintage art deco interior. 

All things are defined by being a bit too much and just enough at the same time. We wanted to create designs where scandinavian simplicity and high quality merges with a more artistic obulence. 

The vintage paisley print, we have created from an antique piece of wallpaper. Together with the more abstract prints, we wanted to create a print story where it’s all about the richness of the colors and shapes, creating a feeling of timeless decadence.

In these times, we are all being a bit nostalgic and dreaming of simpler times. We wanted to re-create this feeling in the collection - while adding our own modern twist. We hope you see and love our vision this season.





A collection inspired by the Cycladic houses in Greece - known to most commonly be painted in crisp white and vibrant blue. The pure, dazzling white was an uplifting colour during the times of war that Greece went through. Mykonos became one of the trendiest destinations of the 1960’s and 1970s. Famous jetsetts, such as Grace Kelly and Jackie O, visited the remote island, and its popularity started soaring - and the legend lives on. Even today, the white Cycladic houses are a trademark of Greece. In the collection, we have complimented the color story with natural tones inspired by earth and clay - burnt ochre yellow symbolizing the clay pots and first natural pigments in ancient Greece.

Island culture is all about the ocean - we have drawn inspiration from The Maritime World with navy and white stripe knit sweaters. The ethnic multicolor silk print is inspired by the merge between Northern Africa and South Europe - reminiscent of Moroccan tile art, but in a calm and muted color scale. This print is one of our personal favorites of all time.

Another one of our favorites this season is our handmade Mango purse. It is made completely by hand by women owned independent collaborator in India in very limited amount, making it a unique piece with a sustainable backstory. Perfect for both parties and everyday use.

This Prefall collection is made to last. It is a celebration of the endless summer vibes in Southern Europe, where time and love flows more freely.





A collection inspired by the warm natural tones of Southern European fashion, architecture and design. Light pink, army green, bright red, crisp white and sand tones.

We wanted to create a collection, where the colors and prints will make you dream of warm nights and going down South. The boldness of the bright Mars Red color is reminiscent of Spanish flamingo dancers - combined with burnt olive tones, it becomes more casual and creates an interesting dynamic. The light watercolor flower print on flowy soft cotton is perfect for the summer parties - but can also be dressed down with flat sandals for a feminine everyday look.

We wanted to capture the energy of summer - the special feeling when the sun finally hits. That smell of flowers blooming - salt water skin, tanned legs, sunkissed hair and watching mesmerizing colorful sunsets. The color red is a very high energy confident color, that looks good on all people in our opinion. The army green is rooted in calmness and nature, while having military influences that can transcend easily into a fall wardrobe.

Flowy dress fabrics, crisp cottons, linen suiting - everything you need to enjoy summer comfortably. There is something for those who want classic summer staples, that’s all about timeless design and good materials in fresh solid colors. There is something for those looking for this year’s new eye-catching unique summer party dress.

We hope you will share your summer style with us.





A collection inspired the late 1960s and the retro mod style of the period. A subculture driven by the youth culture - main points of the culture was freedom, speed and style. The fashion style was focused on tailored suiting, short skirts, vibrant colors and crisp shirts. The movement was also a rebellious youth riot that fought against the old ways of the older generations - it was a visual of the civil rights movement going on in Britain at the same time. The female Mod felt free to make her own stylistic and personal choices. The skirts got shorter, the hair became less “feminine” and women would go out dancing unaccompanied by a man.

We wanted to create a happy and bright colorful collection to show our belief in better times. We believe that every hard time is a new doorway to new possibilities. Bright vivid greens are signs of hope, rebirth and prosperity - be bold and pull of a full suit in the Kelly Green color. If you are more of the subtle type, we also have the perfect sand color tailored three-piece menswear inspired suit for you.

The prints are mainly vintage and were actually hand-drawn in the 60’s and 70’s for an authentic feel.

We hope that the colors and excitement of the collection inspire you to be bold this spring. This Spring collection is a celebration of the modern. The freshness of new times. Freedom. Personal style. Show us your personality!





A collection inspired by early spring in the big cities. Blooming fresh flowers in the morning, that still have that light dew from the cold night. Dark early nights in the concrete jungle, where the busy life in the city becomes visible in the bright electric lights from windows in private homes, small bars and skyscrapers in the skyline. A new year is slowly starting - new beginnings and sensitive feelings. Romance is in the fresh crisp air.

The flower prints of the season are delicate and romantic. They have a vintage feel supported by our more graphic art deco prints inspired by older times as well. The skyline print is in contrast to this with its more raw and modern feel. Colors are dark navy, muted blue, rose, black and a golden peachy nude tone. All together they create a warm and exclusive feel that remind us of royal castles and their gardens.

Focus of the season are new dress and blouse styles in beautiful prints and interesting solid colors. This is supported by staples for the season, such as cosy knitwear and woolen scarfs.

This Pre-spring collection should feel like new beginnings and romantic evening walks in the crisp cold spring air in the city.





A collection inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement that started in the late 1800s in Great Britain. It is the root of the Modern Style, and what later came to be called the Art Nouveau movement. It had a strong influence on the arts in Europe all the way up until the 1930s. It was inspired by the ideas of historian Thome Carlule, art critic John Ruskin and most importantly the designer and poet William Morris. Our multicolor print of the season is directly inspired by an original art piece by William Morris called “Wey” from 1882.

This movement had a big influence and focus on the importance of high quality of design and craftmanship, which is something that has always been a part of our DNA. We have created beautiful timeless suiting that is perfect for the winter parties as a full suit, but can be mixed and matched for a cool and edgy everyday look. If you are going all out for the parties, we also have a wide selection of sparkly sequins dresses.

Two beautiful two tone prints are for both parties and everyday use. The zebra print is a modern and minimalistic take on the animal print - it is printed on our high quality matte silk stretch. It is perfect to mix with leather skirts and pants.

This Winter collection is a celebration of the Arts and Crafts. The art of design. The craftsmanship of creating wearable art. The love of personal expression.





A collection inspired by classic menswear tailoring and rich nature. We have looked at some of the most impressive parts of nature - including some of the most spectacular animals as the peacock and the leopard. Mixed with vintage prints in classic motifs with a twist - like our small handdrawn paisley print or the boxy paisley. Classic colors of autumn like navy and army are mixed with burnt rose shades and cream tones for a feminine expression. We have aimed to create classics that can last and be used every autumn in the future.

We have carefully selected high quality fabrics for this season, with a specific focus on suiting and outerwear. Cottonbased check for coats and capes that will follow you throughout the season. Our prime star of the season is the heavy double weaved suiting fabric from Italy - both available in trousers, blazers and a memorable trenchcoat with detachable quilt vest inside.

Autumn is the season for cosy knitwear - and we have both classic styles and more trendy pieces, especially the leopard and camouflage jacquard knits are both more special designs that still have the potential to be a classic in your personal wardrobe.

This autumn collection should feel like being in power - we wanted to show how good we are at suit tailoring, high quality outerwear and of course creating beautiful strong stories with colors, print and fabrics in general. We hope you feel the power when exploring our new collection.


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