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A collection inspired by classic menswear tailoring and rich nature. We have looked at some of the most impressive parts of nature - including some of the most spectacular animals as the peacock and the leopard. Mixed with vintage prints in classic motifs with a twist - like our small handdrawn paisley print or the boxy paisley. Classic colors of autumn like navy and army are mixed with burnt rose shades and cream tones for a feminine expression. We have aimed to create classics that can last and be used every autumn in the future.

We have carefully selected high quality fabrics for this season, with a specific focus on suiting and outerwear. Cottonbased check for coats and capes that will follow you throughout the season. Our prime star of the season is the heavy double weaved suiting fabric from Italy - both available in trousers, blazers and a memorable trenchcoat with detachable quilt vest inside.

Autumn is the season for cosy knitwear - and we have both classic styles and more trendy pieces, especially the leopard and camouflage jacquard knits are both more special designs that still have the potential to be a classic in your personal wardrobe.

This autumn collection should feel like being in power - we wanted to show how good we are at suit tailoring, high quality outerwear and of course creating beautiful strong stories with colors, print and fabrics in general. We hope you feel the power when exploring our new collection.






A collection inspired by Southwest Asia, a subregion of Asia, bounded on the west by the Mediterranean Sea and Red sea. The region reaches all the way to the Black Sea in the north. This area is a cultural melting pot where Asian, European and Middle Eastern cultures meet and flourish. It is one of the most diverse parts of the world, and their cultures are completely entwined in language, ethnicity and religion. Their cultural heritage within dress and clothing includes the Indian silk saris and the paisley pattern. The black and cream base colors in combination with the burnt deep tones of the yellow and red, the expression of the collection is rich and elegant. Also making it easy to style and use across different seasons and fleeing trends.

We have carefully selected the beautiful prints of the season with a focus on balance and harmony. The darker prints is make to specifically transcend all the way into autumn, actually we think they are suitable all year around. The paisley print of this season is a very delicate print made in two color variations - pick your favorite or indulge in both, since the different color storys makes a big difference. In combination with our more spacy flower print in dark and light version, there will be a stunning print for everyone to fall in love with. The paisley scarf print is a little artwork in itself - so use it in your hair during hot days, tie it to your favorite bag as a statement detail or use it around your neck and shoulders all the way into fall to keep warm and stylish.

We have worked with different textures to make the tone in tone look interesting while being in harmony. Sometimes simple does not have to mean boring. The tweed Manopol kimono is a perfect example, since it’s made in classic colors, but the texture make it a statement piece while simultaneously being a classic wardrobe staple for many seasons.

This pre fall collection is a celebration of cultural clashes and traditional dress. We hope that you feel the love and dedication we put into the pieces, since this is a very special collection for us.






A collection inspired by ocean tones and waves, but mixed with the architecture of a big metropolitan city. Perfect examples are the European cities of Barcelona and Lissabon, where the city is next to beautiful sand beaches, that doing summer time is buzzing with energy. Looking at surfers on the ocean waves on one side - if you look in the opposite direction, you can see the high buildings with sharp graphic lines. Summer is filled with happy days, where celebration is the key word. Whether you are going on holiday, a casual garden party or just hanging out in the sun, we have the perfect outfit for you. Everything from linen blazer sets to flowy bohemian dresses.

The colors are inspired by the aqua tones of the ocean and the burnt rose sand colors of sidewalks and buildings of Southern Europe. Mixed with white staples as an all-time classic during summer, drawing notions and inspiration from the white buildings of the Islands of Greece. Our Deco print
is a print made by the design team here in Denmark, directly inspired by resemblances of ocean waves and a graphic architecture city landscape. The graphic paisley print is made from an original print of a handmade watercolor art study from the 60s-70s.

Our classic leopard print is perfect for warm days in the city. Use the matching shirt and shorts set together or mix and match with solid basics. All styles is made in BCI-certificed organic cotton, so it’s extremely breathable and comfortably to wear on the body - and as a bonus, it also comes with a clean conscience knowing that is this made without pesticides, benefiting both the environment and the workers who made your clothes.

Striped dresses and tops in both cotton and jersey in classic look and multicolor design

This high summer collection should feel like standing with your toes in the sand on the beach while looking at the big waves, hearing the contrasting sounds of the buzzing city behind you. It is a celebration of the best of both worlds of summer in Europe.







A collection inspired the urban jungle - bring the spring fever into the modern city and live out your inner tribe warrior woman. Dare to mix and match to show your personality - style it clashly for a trendy mix, crazy color mix is the new classic.

A vibrant mix of blue and pink tones makes us think of blooming flowers and blue waves. Green tones mixed with yellow details make us think of grass fields and bright flowers. We have abstract prints and delicate ditsy flowers, so everybody can find a print to fall in love with. Mix it with denim trousers, trench coat or blazer for a casual cool everyday look.

Whether you need the spring coat of your dreams or the perfect feminine lounge sweatshirt and jogger set, you will find something for you in this collection. We have a wide range of beautiful colors, so there’s something for those who love bright colors like raspberry pink and light powder blue, but also classic light sand tones for the more elegant and classy look.

Our new suiting quality in cotton mix is the perfect staple, both as a full suiting look, but also to use separately. Try the Convoy blazer as a light jacket over dresses, and mix the Mira pants with beautiful silk blouses.

It’s all about texture and beautiful high quality fabrics. Crinkled cotton, fancy boucle, flonnel fussy cotton, light transparent viscose, crisp cotton, organic cotton, stretchable heavy denim, light tencel denim and of course our always beautiful silk fabrics in both shiny and matte.

For the colder days in early spring or colder spring nights, we have our alpaca knits and cashmere mix cardigans to keep warm. They are both very light and come in beautiful spring ready colors.

This spring collection is a celebration of the spring fever that we can all feel in the big cities. It begins when the temperatures finally allow us to lounge on benches outside with our friends, and the birds begin to fill the sky with sound.







A collection inspired by rebellion and art - with small notions to punk and grunge culture. We try to examine the idea of juxtaposition in visual art - defined as the act of placing two or more things side by side often to compare or contrast or to create an interesting effect. Throughout the arts, juxtaposition of elements is used to elicit a response within the audience’s mind. In fashion, this is often achieved by working with contrasting colors, shapes and silhouettes.

A deconstructed flower print in collage style plays with the contrast between the perfect and imperfect - representing the different contrasting sides of ourselves, that we all have inside. We can be both masculine and feminine, good and bad, modern and traditional, chaotic and structured.The graphics in the prints are a clear example of juxtapositions - merging the soft and hard, light and dark, graphic and romantic.

For us, this collection is almost seasonless - it makes us love the cold of winter, but also feel the spring coming any minute. Style the short dresses with jeans or leather pants underneath for winter for a casual and cool everyday look - style them with bare legs and white sneakers in the spring. This collection is perfect for layering with beautiful staples such as stretch lamb skin leather leggings and skirt, light blue knits, mesh print leggings, dress and shirt, ruffle v-neck button down shirt and a striped oversized cardigan.

As part of this collection drop, we also made a very special selection of our take on cosy homewear. Made in our luxurious cashmere-mix with our newly introduced gold metal logo emblem carefully sewn as a subtle detail. We believe that this is the homewear, that you will also want to wear outside the house. The vest and sweater will be good for layering at work, and the pants
are perfect for a long walk or movienights with friends - just pair them with a loose shirt or maybe just a cool t-shirt. This pre-spring collection is all about embracing differences and the wonderful contrasts, that makes our world so interesting - there’s always a new way to look at it.







A collection inspired by artists in nature. Nature has always been one of the main inspirations in both traditional and modern art - whether thinking of animals, plant life or just the pure beauty of
a scenic nature scene. Both the black and white flower print and realistic forest print is based on original paintings/drawings from artists. Flowers can be more than just girly and pretty - they can also illustrate the rough sides of nature. The graphic swirl print is inspired by the wind, which is also a very powerful resource in nature, hard to control and dramatic. The colors of this collection are based on the contrast between the green nature and a more industrial black and white world - also making us think of the old classic black and white movies. The lookbook of this collection is shot at an old theater, taking the inspiration straight to the scene.

The collection has both festive styles and everyday looks. In general, we think all styles can be styled more casual to make sure you can get most use out of your items - we believe that the times of that special one-time party dress is dead, since we are all getting more aware of our global effects on the planet and we all want a more sustainable wardrobe where styles become strong staple pieces. This does not mean that the fun part of getting dressed is over. Actually, it means that we should be better at using our favorite party styles in our everyday lives too!

Beautiful embellished necklines and feather cuffs - mix it with more casual leather leggings or classic suiting wool pants. Mix the printed silk dresses with heavy knits for a modern and young look - a perfect way to use your silk items in more ways, creating an illusion of a skirt and top set instead of the more formal dress look. If you are looking for the statement party dress of the season, our long lace dress Skilani is the most elegant way to go.

This winter collection is an ode to nature in art - celebrating the contrasts between nature’s calmness and wildness. The inspiration lies in the middle part between these two contrast, same could be said about every woman.

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